How To Start Your Musical Career?

Starting your career as a singer is not something to be taken lightly. It is a project that takes time, energy and a certain budget if you are independent. But there is no point in going faster than music! Start with the basics and anticipate the different steps to follow to develop your project. We help you.

Build a project that looks like you!

It might sound obvious, but the first thing you need to look into is your music. Covers or original compositions, it is essential for you to create your own universe and to prepare various contents to present to your (future) audience! 

So sing, write, compose, explore your style and gradually build your musical profile. You will gradually understand what suits you and identify what you want to share with your audience. Take the time to experiment!

As you can imagine, launching a musical career represents a certain financial investment. You may need to buy instruments to practice playing at home, for example, or a small microphone to record essays! You will also have to record yourself in a professional recording studio, to work with professionals such as graphic designers, communication experts, promotion … Quality has a cost, and it is better not to ‘deprive of it because that is often what makes the difference. 

So find out, ask for quotes from right to left to know how much to set aside and rest assured, there are many solutions to help you finance your project! 

Start working on your communication

Today, launching as an artist also means that you have to take charge of your communication yourself, especially on social networks. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok have become showcases for artists, where everyone is free to share what they want. The objective remains the same for all singers: to present his universe, his musical projects, to convey his messages and of course to make himself known by more and more fans. 

But beware ! If this is not an infused science, certain codes must still be respected. 

To make it work, make sure you offer regular content to promote your creations and retain your subscribers. It’s always more fun to follow active artists on social media, isn’t it? Not to mention, of course, the more you post (and quality content), the more likely you will be that the public will come across your page. Post covers, freestyles, backstages and interact with your subscribers to gradually create your own community. 

On social networks, artists, that’s not what is missing… It’s fine to publish regularly, but you have to create original content in order to stand out and display an identity that is unique to you. Ask yourself and find what sets you apart to design your brand!

Surround yourself with a trusted team 

Surrounding yourself with a team is necessary for the proper development of your project. Not only can you not do everything alone, but you also have to trust the professionals to go far in your projects. This will help you to see more clearly on the different steps to follow, as well as to identify your needs and the points of improvement of your creations. 

Dare to compare your ideas with those of professionals to open up to new opportunities!